Why Oil Heats Best

Even today, most South Fork homes are heated with economical oil heat, because of its inherent advantages over all other fuels. Our thousands of satisfied customers attest to the wisdom of choosing oil heat. Many homeowners, previously lured to alternative fuel sources by free heating units, have found that the installation and long-term costs have been substantially higher than oil heat, and are returning to oil to heat their homes and to provide abundant hot water. A cost comparison can be found below.


A way to calculate the true cost of heating your home is to compare the amount of fuel needed to generate 1 Million BTU's of heat:

Oil 7.19 gallons $2.64 /gallon $18.98
Propane 10.89 gallons $2.95 /gallon $32.15
Electric 293 kWH $0.1985/kwh $58.16
Firewood (at $150/face cord) $32.14
Firewood (at $225/full cord) $21.42

NOTE: Natural gas is not widely available on the East End, and is totally unavailable east of Amagansett.


  1. Competition: You have a choice of many vendors. This competition keeps prices low and quality high. With natural gas and electricity, you're dealing with monopolies, who do not provide backup service: they require you to find your own craftsmen. With oil heat from Marshall's, you make one phone call. We're a full-service vendor.
  2. You control the inventory: Which means the fuel storage is on your property. You buy fuel when you want. You are not dependent on the proper functioning of distribution methods. (Most systems require electricity to operate, but an emergency home generator can make your home independent as long as the fuel lasts!).
  3. Safety: In order for heating oil to burn, it must first be "misted" (this is the purpose of the "spray nozzle"). The fumes are not toxic, unlike other fuels'. Home heating oil is not explosive.
  4. Economy: For 11 out of the last 12 years, heating with oil was more economical than either natural gas, electricity, or propane.
  5. Efficiency: Did you know that an oil heat flame burns 400 degrees hotter than propane or natural gas? That's why homes heat faster and more efficiently with oil heat.